Purrfectly Adorable Feline Finds Forever Home And Hap-paws-ly Never Wanders Again!

Earlier this month, a homeless feline was discovered and brought to the Rowan County shelter in North Carolina. The poor kitty was battling both a chilly cold and a painful neck injury.

A lovely stray cat with ears resembling Yoda’s has been taken to the Cabarrus Animal Hospital for medical care and has won over the staff’s affection. Dr. Alisha Kidwell is in charge of treating her, while Yana Aviles, an assistant vet, describes her as exceedingly pleasant and amiable. Despite being small at only 2 kg, the kitty possesses charming peculiarities.

Shelby Beers, who works as a veterinary technician, has stated that the cat is missing some of its incisors, resulting in it frequently sticking out its tongue which only adds to its adorable appearance. Shelby further revealed that the exact age of the cat has not been determined, but it is assumed to be around a year old and too small to be considered an adult cat.

The adorable feline is recuperating well and is currently being pampered by the staff at this facility. She has a fondness for human interaction and enjoys being held close. Her affectionate personality makes her an endearing addition to any household.

Shelby shares how they love to cradle the kitty in their hoodies like a kangaroo and how she dozes off in their embrace. The feline is yet to receive a moniker, however, the staff fondly refers to her as Yoda due to her adorable ears that resemble the iconic character.

Despite her timid nature, Shelby notes that this adorable little kitten is quick to show her love and affection. Currently, she is recuperating under the attentive care of veterinary staff at a medical facility.

Yana reports that there are 70 million stray cats in the US, but only four million are found by capture services each year. Looks like a cute kitten is about to have a good time!

Cat Yoda is confidently moving towards her bright future now that she doesn’t have to worry about providing shelter for herself. Have you considered welcoming a furry friend into your life?

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