Hope Springs from Solitude: The Heartfelt Saga of an Undernourished Canine with a Swelling Tumor

Introducing Mary, a malnourished Mastiff with a heartbreaking past. Despite her obvious suffering and neglect, her previous owner did nothing to help her. Mary was abandoned, left starving and in pain as a tumor grew on a daily basis. She is the face of neglect so often found in rural Spain, and we spoke on behalf of you and us when we promised her that she will only know love and care in the future. Scroll down to watch the video.

The current economic situation is dire, and with Christmas just around the corner, we are counting on your support to help us keep our promise.

Thank you so much, Viktоr Larkhill; Cо, for educating your audience about our duty towards domesticated animals and nature as a whole. Your team is truly inspiring and the vets are like real-life Santas.

It’s definitely more than five, maybe even six or seven kilograms because it’s unique and unlike anything else.

There may be individuals who, in an attempt to comprehend all of this, suggest that the owner didn’t take the pet to the veterinarian because the cost was too high.

These two tumors did not initially start off as large as they are now. In fact, one was about the size of an almond and the other was as small as a coin. However, the owner neglected the tumors to the point where they grew to be extremely large – one is now one-third the size of Mary’s weight.

Hey there! Great news! Victor has shared a video of his successful surgery.

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